4 Interesting Ways Not To Be Tired At Work

Many times, we find ourselves tired at work and this can be quite
frustrating because not only does it interfere with our productivity, it
makes everything seem harder.

However, to get some extra energy and survive the entire day, Jumia
Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares some useful tips to
avoid being tired at the work.

Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Avoid taking caffeinated teas anything after 2pm because this can
keep you active for the greater part of night and make you tired during
the day. Additionally, you should altogether reduce your intake of
caffeinated beverages and keep it to a minimum.

Try taking care of the bulk of your work during the day so that you
can get some rest at night and won’t have to take caffeine to remain
awake all through to get work done.

Eat Healthily During The Day

Sometimes people take the ‘fit-fam’ movement to the extreme and end
up practically starving themselves during the day. The body needs food
to be active – food is to the body what fuel is to a car. If you don’t
eat well and healthily during the day, you’re going to end up feeling
tired and slow all through.

Additionally, you should endeavour to eat foods in small portions
while at work because taking large portions might end up making you feel
sleepy. Also, favour fruits over fatty, sugary and processed snacks and
be sure to drink enough water. Being dehydrated can also weigh you

Do A Little Exercise

If you sit at work all day, there is no way you would not be tired –
your joints would be stiff and your muscles would ache from all that
sitting. Taking short walks during your lunch break, or simply looking
for excuses to go up and down the stairs or to walk from here to there
can go a long way in helping you to avoid being tired in the workplace.

Expose Yourself To Natural Light

Our body’s ‘circadian rhythm’ needs sunlight to stay regulated, so
going outside for a few minutes of exposure to natural light can help to
remind your brain that you are still in the waking hours. Additionally,
when it’s time to sleep, you should try to avoid checking your phone.

This is because the blue light emitted from your phone screen tricks
your brain into thinking it’s daytime and thus prevents the release of
melatonin – the sleep hormone. If you must use your phone at night, you
can try downloading a blue light filter app to mitigate the effects of
the light emitted from your phone screen on your body.

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