Nigerian Facebook Slay Queen Mysteriously Dies, Friends Say She Was Used By “Yahoo Boys” (Photos)

lady on Facebook with the name, Princess Lavish but real name,
Tanwa, has reportedly lost her life – but the aura surrounding her death
is what is quite baffling right about now.

It’s speculated that Princess Lavish may have been jinxed which led
to her death – according to a Facebook user, Iam KayKay, who decided to
use her as a point of reference to other girls, he says Princess allowed
them to “use” her and now she’s lost her life.

Further investigation into Princess revealed that she actually was a
lavish person, as she usually led that life on social media – one of her
photos had her showing off exotic mobile gadgets, iPhone 7 & 8
which butresses her expensive lifestyle.

According to friends too, it’s said that Princess was used by “yahoo
boys” which has caused people to have mixed reactions – after the post
Iam KayKay shared, people have come for him asking why he’d even post
such about a dead person…

but in his defense, he meant no offense but was only trying to warn other ladies if apparently, Princess’s story is true.

He wrote:-

You allowed them to use you too bad. Girls of now a days want to use iphone8 and your father doesn’t have have Nokia torchlight.

Today LEKKI tomorrow IKEJA….they claim slay queens. She named herself
PRINCESS LAVISH and now she has lavished her life so painful.

I’m sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feelings, i’m just trying to pass a
message to other girls to be very careful….. I get frightened and upset
when I see young people dying.

#Waitforyourshine #Thegrassisntgreenerontheotherside #NobeeverythingweydeyshinebeGOLD #Shakaragosoonend

See tributes from her friends:-

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