I Typed in My Name and the Results Had Me Speechless

Have you ever found out something that you didn’t want to know?
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I did, with this new website TruthFinder.TruthFinder is a deep web search engine. Enter any name, and in minutes you can find out insanely personal details about them. I’m talking everything from criminal records to online dating profiles.

I thought this technology was just in spy movies. But TruthFinder can really access state, city, and even federal databases.

We live in an age where everything is online, and people look each other up all the time. 57% of Americans have said that they looked themselves up online, and 46% say that they’ve looked up other people.

I did some digging and saw that TruthFinder had thousands of five-star reviews. It’s even been featured in The Daily Mail and CNet.

So I thought I’d try it out for fun. I read the disclaimer on the website. It said that some information could be shocking. I’d also read reviews where other people called it “scary”, “creepy” and “awesome.”

I can say now, knowing what I know, that I definitely underestimated the deep web. I look people up on Google all the time, so I figured it wouldn’t be much different and I brushed off the warnings.

I was definitely not ready for what I found. Now that I have this information, I don’t know what to do with it.

But let me start at the beginning.

I entered my own name to begin. I track my reputation online, so I thought I knew everything there was to know about me. Boy, was I wrong!

My report raised the hairs on my neck. I felt like I was looking at some kind of FBI file about myself! I’ve moved a lot, but it had all my prior addresses. It had my phone number. It had my mom, my dad, my siblings, my great aunts…everyone.

Somehow TruthFinder knew my “possible relationships” too. Friends, neighbors, roommates, exes…they were all featured in my report!

My social media profiles were all there. Even that second Facebook I used to sign into online dating websites.

My phone number, my email address — my possible photos even contained a photo of my dog!

I did some quick research into how it works, and this information has always existed on the deep web. It’s not accessible through a search engine like Google, but you can get it through TruthFinder and it’s 100% legal.

It even had my arrest record from when I used a fake ID as a teenager. That was embarrassing to see again.

My friends and family were right there in my report, so it was almost too easy to start opening their reports too. With unlimited searches, this information is addicting. I felt like a secret agent!

I was horrified to learn that a friend from high school was serving hard jail time for child abuse. I found out that another friend in a “picture perfect” relationship had a dating profile on the side. This website is like using a truth serum on your relationships.

It’s actually shocking that all this information is out there. In retrospect, I should have stopped here.

Deep web searches are great if you want to find out if someone is safe, or you have a reason not to trust them. But some information is better-left unknown.

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After pulling the records of my friends, I was curious to see what was on my dad’s record. Now I’m close to my dad, so the most I was expecting to find was an unpaid parking ticket!

Instead, my world was about to change. Forever.

I knew my dad had been married before he met my mom. His ex-wife was in his report … along with two children that I’d never heard of.

I scrambled to open their reports and see what they looked like. Not only did the dates line up, they looked exactly like my dad. The boy was named after my grandfather. That’s when I knew that my family had kept this secret from me my entire life. Did my mom know?

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If I’m being honest with you, I don’t know what I’m going to do with this information. I want to confront my dad, but I feel like he didn’t tell me for a reason. My parents are older now, and I don’t want to kick a hornet’s nest.

Am I glad I used a deep web search? I can definitely see how this type of service is useful and I’ll keep using it. After seeing how many people have criminal records, I’d like to stay informed about new people who get close to my family, especially my kids.

I would recommend TruthFinder to others, especially if you’re uncertain about someone. But I have to warn you, you may be overwhelmed by the information you discover. Keep that in mind before you open your report.

Note from the Author

I have to warn you before you start your search, the information you find may be overwhelming and has the potential of changing your view of the search subject forever. Keep this in mind when completing your search.

– Ed S.

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